Hey there! We’re Noel & Lindsey.

We are the brains (Noel the developer) and beauty (Lindsey the designer) behind EveryQuote app. We’re a husband and wife team, with a love for self-help books and motivational sayings. At heart, we’re both encouragers, who want to continually improve ourselves and make a positive impact around us.

So we built an app.

Lindsey has stacks of notebooks full of quotes and funny sayings she collected over the years. And she was a librarian’s nightmare, always dog-earring, highlighting, and scribbling in books. But whenever she needed to recall a particular quote, she could never find it.

Noel is visual, always striving for self-improvement. Over the years, he’d developed different programs to display his current personal goals and motivations—kind of like digital vision board—but he didn’t have something he could carry with him.

So we put our heads together and created EveryQuote—a system to capture, create, digitally manage, and share our quotes, inspirations, and motivations.

Using the app has made us pay more attention to the people, places, and meaning that is all around us. There is so much inspiration to share—from books, to letters, podcasts, and even the funny things your kids say.

And that’s what we hope for you, too—that we can be a small part in helping you save and share the words and ideas that are meaningful to you. And in doing so, spread more kindness, more encouragement, and a little more joy.

We’ll be announcing the app release date very soon! Until then, join our community on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter @everyquoteapp for a regular dose of inspiration. Don’t forget to tag us so we can share yours in our stories!