Save and share the quotes you love with text and voice recognition

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Share Your Inspiration

EveryQuote lets you capture, save, and organize all your favorite quotes in one place
so you can quickly and easily share your inspiration with the world.



    Whether you’re inspired by a book, a handwritten note, or a billboard, or something a friend said, EveryQuote lets you capture quotes with speech and photo recognition. Simply dictate your quote or snap a photo, EveryQuote takes care of the rest.

    Organize your favorite quotes in customizable categories, making them easy to search, view, and share.

    Choose from hundreds of inspirational images or any photo from your personal device to customize categories and add backgrounds to every quote.

    Get new quote, book, and media recommendations from EveryQuote's online community. Save new quotes into your categories, then share your inspiration on EveryQuote's feed, social media, SMS text, or email to express yourself, spark meaningful conversions, or just sound really cool.


Here's what people are saying about EveryQuote:
Rachel B.
I love reading self help and inspirational books. But I have a hard time remembering what I read to keep myself inspired. EveryQuote allows me to jot down quotes that I love, all in one place. I can always go back and remember the highlights and key points of that specific book without having to re-read it.
Lindsey F.
I've been collecting quotes from books, movies, and funny stuff my friends say for years. They're all jotted down in notebooks and index cards... somewhere. As an author, I use EveryQuote to organize these scattered pieces of information so I can more easily recall them when I'm writing for publications.
Annie F.
I use EveryQuote to capture the funny stuff my kids say and then send it to my friends and family. I created a category for each of my kids and uploaded their photos to the app. This is the stuff I will treasure when my kids are grown.